Hollande isn’t my President !

Hollande isn’t my President ! :: Press release of 7 May 2012

Hollande isn’t my Président !

Hollande isn’t my Président !

Having won 51% of the vote, the socialist François Hollande has been elected President of the Republic by ‘the French people’.

Quotation marks are needed, since 49% voted for his adversary, 6% cast blank or spoiled ballots, 19% abstained, 15% did not register to vote… only 32% of French people of voting age actually chose him.

Quotation marks are also needed, because, as was already the case in the first round of these elections, the ethnic vote mostly went to François Hollande. Both in his manifesto and in his electorate, Hollande was indeed the immigrants’ candidate. Thus, while the Left/Right divide now appears to be largely obsolete on economic questions, it is assuming a new meaning in terms of identity.

The only reason why François Hollande won, in a France that does not endorse his ideas and plans, was the huge disappointment at the retiring President. Yesterday evening, a great many French people were fully entitled to say distinctly like us: “Hollande isn’t my Président!” They will be joined by many others, once the exultation at having thrown Sarkozy out has passed, when they see the socialist programme materialize.

Bastille 1789, les sans-culottes. Bastille 2012 les sans-papiers.

François Hollande will solve no economic or social problems. He has not an ounce of the political courage that this would require. So, he will try to please his electorate on social issues. We already know that regularizing illegal immigrants, giving the vote to non-European foreigners, legalizing marriage and adoption for gay couples, will be among the first reforms that the new majority will introduce.

Who will be able to stop them? Today, the Left rules supreme: it runs most big cities, districts, and regions; it has a majority in the Senate and will have one tomorrow in the National Assembly; it is almighty in trade unions, among the judiciary, in universities and the media.

They got the ballot boxes, we will now have to resist in the streets.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées, 6 mai 2012 au soir

To make François Hollande and the socialists understand that they have not been given a free rein for their loony policies, but that they merely benefited from the deep rejection of Nicolas Sarkozy, the French Identitaires are already launching a major campaign “Hollande isn’t my Président!”

We wish to transcend divisions and party politics, and to unite in order to defend our fundamental values: the family as basic cell and pillar of society; the essential link between identity and nationality, nationality and citizenship, and therefore opposition to voting rights for foreigners.

They are already ready to introduce their laws, we are ready to defend ours, which are not based on a precarious majority at the polls, but on our deepest memory and our identity.